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Electric Storage Heaters

Our Electric Storage Heater Ranges

Elnur ECOHHR High Heat Retention Storage Heater

Our Elnur ECOHHR range of storage heaters is classified as High Heat Retention, meaning it is an incredibly efficient and cost effective heater. To read more about this key feature, click on the ‘More Info’ button below 

Elnur ECOHHR PRO High Heat Retention Storage Heater

Our PRO version of our ECOHHR range allows for the same energy efficiency and amazing features present in our ECOHHR model, with the added bonus of controlling your heater remotely. This means you can control when it turns on, and monitor its energy usage, all from the comfort of your mobile.

Elnur ECOHHR SOLAR High Heat Retention Storage Heater

Our SOLAR ECOHHR range has all the features of our ECOHHR range, with the ability to use surplus energy from solar panels and any other renewable sources. These heaters work in tangent with our Elnur G Control Hub, allowing you to monitor your heater and energy usage remotely. 

Elnur PROSSH Smart Storage Heater

Our PROSSH range of Storage Heaters is the newest evolution of our ECOSSH Storage Heaters. With a brand new control interface, and exceptional energy efficiency, as well as the ability to control your heater via WiFi, what’s there not to love about this amazing product?