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Electric Radiators

Our Electric Radiator Ranges

RDW WiFi Programmable Eco Fluid Radiators

The RDW WiFi Programmable range of electric radiators boasts the very latest technology developed by Elnur, paired with a modern and ergonomic design. Complete with built-in WiFi control and energy consumption monitor via our G Control Hub.

RFE PLUS Eco Fluid Radiators

The RFE PLUS range provides you with the latest technology in consumption control – ETCO (Electronic Triac Control Optimiser), to manage and restrict the flow of electricity. This makes it extremely efficient and cost effective.

RXE PLUS Dry, Fluid Free Electric Radiators

The RXE PLUS range harnesses our patented dry technology that was developed by Elnur to provide a more environmentally friendly, efficient electric radiator.

RBC Conservatory, Low Height Radiators

The RBC range is designed with a lower height that is ideal for conservatories, rooms with dwarf walls such as loft conversions, and below tall windows.